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QROPS Pension Transfers for UK Expats

What is QROPS?

in April of 06" it was announced by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that people with UK based pensions, that have moved or intend to move abroad during retirement, could move their pensions to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, better know as a QROPS.

Why should I choose a QROPS?

SuniPutting your pension into a QROPS will give you a greater level of control over the way your pension fund is invested. You can consolidate a number of different pensions into one QROPS pot and you will not have to buy into an annuity along with many other benefits when you transfer UK pension overseas.

We have found that atleast 30% of our clients that have transfered to QROPS have had atleast one pension fund that they were not aware of! Job-hopping is causing millions of UK workers to lose track of the pension pots they save into during their careers, meaning savings totalling billions of pounds go unclaimed in retirement.

What are the key benefits of a QROPS through Affinity Global Wealth?

  • Generate a higher level of income with your pension.
  • Avoid the UK 55% death charge on pensions.
  • Be free of UK income taxes on your pension.
  • Pension tax free lump sum.
  • Consolidation of multiple pensions.
  • The Tax Benefits of a QROPS in your country of residence.
  • Pass on 100% of your pension to your family without UK Taxes.
  • Use of the increased investment options in a QROPS.
  • Safe and well-regulated jurisdictions.
  • The various types of Pensions you can transfer and why.
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We offer a free pension analysis, all of our fully regulated pension transfer advice to you is free and without obligation. If after receiving our help and advice you decide that a QROPS is right for you, then upon final completion of a transfer to a QROPS, all our fees are fully disclosed.

Why could you be better off with a QROPS?

  • Add extra flexibility and control to your pension arrangements
  • Increased flexibility over who can benefit from your pension fund following your death
  • Reduce your exposure to sterling denominated funds and other pension restrictions
BenefitUK PensionQROPS
Tax free lump sum 25% 25% (up to 30%)
Investment flexibility Full UK pension restrictions Limited restrictions
Pension income tax HMRC at source Gross post 5 years
Pension options pre 75 Income drawdown (GAD table) Income drawdown (GAD table)
Pension options post 75 Alternatively secured pension -
Death pre retirement 0% Tax 0% Tax
Death post retirement pre 75 55% Tax 0% Tax after 5 years
Death post retirement post 75 55% Tax 0% Tax
Subject to lifetime allowance Yes No
Pass onto future generations No Yes
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We specialise in QROPS Internationally which includes QROPS in Portugal, QROPS in Spain, QROPS in Switzerland and QROPS in France

Our Process

Key Considerations

  • Identify your personal goals
  • Optimised portfolio for growth, income or protection
  • Initial risk assessment to determine your profile
  • Taxation in your country of domicile and residence
  • Find the most cost effective solution

Added Value with Affinity

  • Fully qualified advisers
  • Bespoke portfolio optimisation system
  • Discounted funds
  • Exclusive affinity funds
  • Private banking fund platform
  • Non-market correlated funds
  • Online client portal
  • Regular updates
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